Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to set an estimated time/ expiration hour?
So you won't forget your status active long after you are done being busy.

What does 'additional text' mean?
A phrase of your choice that beeZee will add to each of your status updates.

beeZee is not working?
Don't panic, There must be a good reason for that:
• If you are using Handcent SMS or GO SMS, you need to uncheck the
   "Disable other message notification" setting.
• NOTE: As a default beeZee will reply only to your contacts.
   In order to change that - go to Settings and uncheck Send only to my contacts.

What is "add expiration time"?
Tells your contacts what time you'll be available again.

How do I share my status on Facebook ?
All you need to do is login to Facebook through beeZee and when setting
the estimated duration, select 'Share on Facebook'.

Who actually sends the SMS?
Whenever beeZee is active and you receive a phone call, the app automatically
sends a regular text message to the caller.

Why should I put silent mode?
Whether you're at meeting, class or anywhere else, you would probably prefer
your phone to be on silent mode while you are busy.
When the set time is over, your phone will go back to normal mode.